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Hey there, this is Steven Green.  I perform vocals as Swingreen accompanied by custom musical backing tracks (the virtual band) . Hear classic songs of great swing, jazz and pop writers and artists past and present. While I have my own style, I do try  to capture the spirit of the original artists' style.   

Come to where I'm performing (see Events) and relax and listen, or dance or just socialize with someone special or friends and hear Swingreen sing.

Also below you will find my Demo Songs. Hope you can take a few minutes to hear some of them. For my demos and my live performances I customize the backing tracks as to the song’s key, length and structure and in a few cases, as noted, I dub in my own back up singing for harmonies, recording each vocal track separately and in some cases add my own drums. 

NEWEST DEMOS ADDED: Let It Be Me (Willie Nelson/Everly Bros) Right Down The Line (Gerry Rafferty style), Let Me Try Again (style of Frank Sinatra), Lay All Your Love On Me (a mixe style of ABBA and Neil Diamond), Witchcraft (Frank Sinatra style), If I Told You (Darius Rucker style), What Kind Of Fool Do You Think In Am (Bill Deal & The Rhondels- southern beach music style from the 60’s). 

At Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan,WI June 23, 2018

At Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan,WI June 23, 2018

Recording demos in the Bebop Room at home.

Recording demos in the Bebop Room at home.

 Check out my website here to find out when and where in the metro Milwaukee area I will be performing, hear  my demo and see other  info here on my website.  Sign up for my mailing list (see above) to get an email reminder for upcoming appearances!

Today, most pubs, restaurants and lounges  do not have the space or resources for big bands and orchestras but with Swingreen's "virtual band" anything is possible! 

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Touch any song to play 🔊 Experience best sound with quality speakers or headphones. 🎧

        All lead vocals by Steven Green (Swingreen) with any additional contributed parts as noted.

Article in Lake Country Reporter!

Article in Lake Country Reporter!

Comments From Swingreen Performance Attendees:
" wow...sounds amazing ...." terrific vocals sound like original recordings" ....   "Super Neil Diamond songs" ..."how do you sound so much like the original artists"