Steven Green’s Swingreen is now booking gigs as of mid April outdoors or indoors as space permits.  Looking forward to nice weather and more normal times.   First gigs for 2021 are 3 private parties in Fond du Lac. 

After serious consideration since mentioning  here, that I was thinking about adding electronic drums to a portion of my gigs, I have decided against that. There were a few reasons: 

-Wanted to keep my focus on singing rather than splitting it between singing and playing drums.

-Decided the activity of carrying, setting up and taking down the added equipment of electronic drums would be excessive.

-Some of the great places I play have limited room. 

Looking forward to singing again!!


TAP ON VIDEO above to play Steamroller Blues in the style of James Taylor from Off The Deck, Stagecoach Inn recorded live at Stagecoach Inn July 4th. Use two fingers to enlarge. 


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.**SPECIAL ADDITION**: At the bottom of my music demos is a medley of songs sung by my grandson, Jimmy Kebble highlighting one of his preferences, country music. Jimmy is a senior in high school in Fond du Lac this year.

At Stagecoach Inn in Cedarburg New Years Eve 2020

At Stagecoach Inn in Cedarburg New Years Eve 2020

Performing at The 5 O’Clock Club in Pewaukee. Great patrons too!

Performing at The 5 O’Clock Club in Pewaukee. Great patrons too!

Check out my website here to find out when and where in the metro Milwaukee area I will be performing, hear  my demo and see other  info here on my website.  Sign up for my mailing list (see above) to get an email reminder for upcoming appearances!

Today, most pubs, restaurants and lounges  do not have the space or resources for big bands and orchestras but with Swingreen's "virtual band" anything is possible! 

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        All lead vocals by Steven Green (Swingreen). Additional vocals and drums by Steven Green as noted.