Steven Green’s Swingreen has no gigs scheduled at this time.  Looking forward to a time when this mess ends and  performing indoors is safe again and good weather returns for outdoor gigs. 

A POTENTIALLY NEW TWIST FOR  SWINGREEN: Having always been a vocalist and drummer, with newer technology I am able to customize  backing tracks not only to remove the lead vocal but also the drums. This allows me the ability to combine my playing drums and singing vocals in a performance. Am  testing the possibility of including drums in a part of my future performances at gigs. SEE THE BELOW VIDEOS FOR AN EXAMPLE in the style of the Ronnie Milsap’s Smoky Mountain Rain and Mamas & The Papas’ Dedicated To The One I Love.

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*As usual headphones or an audio system improves sound quality. 

TAP ON VIDEO above to play Steamroller Blues in the style of James Taylor from Off The Deck, Stagecoach Inn recorded live at Stagecoach Inn July 4th. Use two fingers to enlarge. 


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.**SPECIAL ADDITION**: At the bottom of my music demos is a medley of songs sung by my grandson, Jimmy Kebble highlighting one of his preferences, country music. Jimmy is a senior in high school in Fond du Lac this year.

At Stagecoach Inn in Cedarburg New Years Eve 2020

At Stagecoach Inn in Cedarburg New Years Eve 2020

Performing at The 5 O’Clock Club in Pewaukee. Great patrons too!

Performing at The 5 O’Clock Club in Pewaukee. Great patrons too!

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Today, most pubs, restaurants and lounges  do not have the space or resources for big bands and orchestras but with Swingreen's "virtual band" anything is possible! 

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        All lead vocals by Steven Green (Swingreen). Additional vocals, drums or musical parts as noted.