About Steven Green

The man behind Swingreen

Steven began singing as a kid growing up in Virginia when he would play his sisters’ 45’s and mimic artists like Elvis, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison. He soon became interested in drums, playing on hat boxes and trash cans until he bought his first real drum set at age thirteen and formed his first band at fifteen for which he sang and played drums. Major life long music influences for this baby boomer include rockers like, The Beatles, The Zombies,  Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond and the Four Seasons as well as jazz, swing and blues artitsts such as Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin, Harry Connick Jr., big band swing (Count Basie, Duke Ellington) Ella Fitzgerald and more recently Harry Connick Jr., Diana Krall and Michael Bublee.    

Steven has performed in numerous bands and places his job with Miller Brewing relocated him during a 36 year career i.e.  (Richmond Va. {his hometown}, Eden, N.C. , Central New York and most recently Milwaukee- where he was in Green, Solo, 3 WAY STREET, Smooth Edges, The Reflectors and Neon Moon. 
Having  played classic rock for many years, Steven realized he was ready for a change in the kind of music he wanted to perform. That being Jazz and Swing music with a "virtual" band using customized backing tracks for his instrumental accompnayment. 
The songs he has chosen are a combination of jazz and swing  and light rock , with a mixture of big band accompanyment, small jazz group, rock and pop groups  ..but all with great melodies and feeling, the later two fulfilling Steven's goalsHe is also concentrating on singing rather than singing and playing drums.  There are several backing tracks to which Steve has added his own backup vocals and additional percussion. 

And all at a volume that doesn't make bar tenders deaf and allows social interaction by patrons in a casual atmosphere. Go to the Song page to see the great songs he has chosen.

*Steven is also an author, having written a novel called The Unlikely Promise which is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble on line.